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Effects of vitamin e treatment on breast pain

The effects of vitamin E treatment on breast pain can be quite positive if you do the treatment correctly. Women suffering from the symptoms of fibrocystic breasts may find that certain vitamins such as vitamin B6, niacin and more importantly vitamin E, can actually help to alleviate these symptoms.

The way that these supplements work is by bringing the inflammation down as well as reducing fluid retention. In order to make sure that these supplements work well and not cause you any serious side effects, it is important that the supplements are used according to the directions indicated so that you don't accidentally take mega doses of these nutrients.

It is true that vitamin E is usually recommended as a treatment for fibrocystic breasts, and you will find that many doctors recommend it highly. The funny thing is that while it is highly recommended, they are not sure as to why this nutrient is such an effective treatment against fibrocystic breasts. Somehow, it just seems to relieve symptoms that are caused by excessive estrogen levels as well as creating an anti-inflammatory effect to give women some relief from the symptoms.
Furthermore, it is found that when you use vitamin E side by side with vitamin B6, the swelling effects of estrogen seems to be counteracted. In addition, this combo also seems to increase the metabolism of female hormones.
Because of this, it is recommended by some doctors that women who have fibrocystic breasts should take about 600 international units of vitamin E daily. What is important to know that this amount of intake is impossible to take without supplementation. However, by eating almonds, sunflower oil and wheat germ, you will be able to get quite a healthy boost of this nutrient.
At present, there is no conclusive evidence that certain vitamins can actually help control breast pain. All that is known is that many women do claim that these nutrients, particularly Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin E, truly helps them find relief from breast pain.
Vitamin E has been used by clinicians for more that 35 years in the medical management of benign breast disease. It all started as far back as 1965 when positive reports were based on a small number of women. However, in the later years however, larger numbers of women were studied, and the result that came out were not the same positive results that came out before.
Two studies did however demonstrate that vitamin E is clinically useful for reliving pain and tenderness, whether cyclical or no cyclical.
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