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Folic acid for men dosage

Folic acid for men dosage should be taken just as seriously as women do. Listed below are the recommended dosages for every body.
Recommended daily amounts (RDA's)* for Folic Acid
Children under one year - 50 micrograms
1 - 3 year olds - 70 micrograms
4 - 6 year olds - 100 micrograms
7 - 10 year olds - 150 micrograms
Teenagers and Adults - 200 micrograms
Pregnant or trying to conceive - Additional 400 micrograms
Let us take a look at why folic acid is just as important for men as it is for women shall we.
According to some recent research, one of the ways where folic acid may actually benefit men is by helping to protect against coronary heart disease (CHD).
Still not convinced? How about this:
If you are interested in becoming a father to one or many children, folic acid will also be very important for you. Why you ask? According to statistics, there are an increasing number of couples that find it difficult to conceive a child. One of the biggest reasons for this is the declining quality of sperm in men. Yes men, we should be concerned :-)
Dutch researchers have just found out that by combining folic acid and zinc, sperm count in infertile men has increased by as much as 74%.
Lets face it men, folic acid is not only for women. This amazing little nutrient can really pack a powerful punch!