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List of foods with vitamin d

The lists of foods that have vitamin D are quite long, however, you will also find out just how little of this nutrient most foods actually have. Not to worry thought. Keep in mind that by just getting around 2 hours of sun per week with a normal intake of foods with this nutrient should give you more than enough vitamin D :-)

The list of foods mentioned below are but just a few that have this important nutrient. Please keep in mind that there are much more then what's listed below.

Lamb Liver (Braised)
Beef Tallow
Pork Liver (Braised)
Beef Liver (Fried)
Catfish (Steamed/Poached)
Skinless Sardines (Water Packed)
Mackerel (Canned/Drained)
Smoked Chinook Salmon
Sturgeon Roe
Shrimp (Canned/Drained)
Egg Yolk (Fresh)
Small Clams (Steamed/Cooked Moist)
Blue Crab (Steamed)
Crayfish/Crawdads (Steamed)
Beef Tripe (Raw)
Beef Kidney (Simmered)
Chicken Livers (Simmered)
Eastern Oysters (Steamed)
Cod Liver Oil
Lard (Pork Fat)

Northern Lobster (Steamed)


Vitamin d plays a very important role in the growth and strengthening of your teeth and bones. Children especially need this important nutrient in order to mature into strong and healthy adults. As one gets older, this nutrient becomes more and more difficult for your body to manufacture through sunlight, and therefore the need for vitamin D in natural foods and supplements become more and more important.