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Why is vitamin a important?

To know why is vitamin A important, one needs to get an understanding on what vitamin A can actually to for you;

Vitamin A is very important in helping your body to maintain healthy cells in structures of your eyes. It is responsible for helping your retina convert light into nerve signals. By not having vitamin A, many eye problems could start to develop.

Some of the problems that can occur are difficulty to see in the dark, dim light or twilight. Another problem that can be cause by lack of vitamin A is bitot spots. These are cheese like tissue spots, that are whitish is color, which from around your eye ball, which in turn causes dryness in your eyes. If this is left alone and untreated, it can eventually lead you to complete and permanent blindness.

It is also important to know that vitamin A plays a big role in the repair and growth of body tissues. The mucous membranes of your mouth, throat, lungs and nose also need this vitamin to protect them against possible infection.

So, as you can see, vitamin A is a very important nutrient, and should be taken quite seriously. Without this vitmain, people, espesially children would suffer from some terrible sicknesses.

Please keep in mind that as much as this vitamin is important, too much of it can be very dangerous, and toxicity of it can lead to very serious side effects. Always keep with in the recommended daily allowance suggested for this nutrient.